GERnétic is a well-established, trusted skincare range for face, bust and body with years of research to support visible results. Our skin care product range includes anti-wrinkle creams, anti-ageing skin care products, acne and acne scarring treatments, weight loss and stretch mark prevention.

A brand that combines natural ingredients and the miracles of science, GERnétic uses specialist molecular nutrients - amino acids, vitamins, proteins and trace elements and small enough in size to penetrate to a cellular level to help promote skin renewal and repair, inducing and stimulating the anti-ageing process.

However, far from jumping on the bandwagon of cellular therapy and recent advances into cutting-edge skincare, GERnétic have been using molecular ingredients for more than 30 years.

Marguerite Thorpe brought GERnétic to the UK in 1983 and was one of the first practitioners to introduce the concept of cellular therapy to this country.

Having met Monsieur Albert Laporte, the well-known French biologist and gerontologist in France in 1982, she learned of his new scientific approach to beauty through cellular therapy.

Monsieur Laporte had first discovered how to improve skin conditions and appearance whilst working with severe burns and accident cases. This had led him to look at ways of introducing this concept to the world of beauty and, after several years of research, he discovered a method of stabilising and preserving amino acids in creams which could be used for health and beauty treatments and by clients at home.

Whether he treated simple acne, ageing or hormonal problems affecting the bust, he did not only treat the symptoms, but also the cause of the problem. He believed that there is no beauty without good health.

Marguerite was so impressed by all she saw and heard that she approached Monsieur Laporte and was delighted to be given sole representation in the UK. Marguerite launched GERnetic with Monsieur Laporte in person at the BABTAC convention in London in 1983.

Since then, GERnétic has gone from strength to strength in the UK and many other countries.