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I am sure it is every woman's dream to have and maintain a beautiful bust. Statistically over 70% of women all over the world are dissatisfied with their bust from around the age of 20. However, help is now at hand thanks to modern research and serious laboratory work perfected at the GERnétic laboratories in France.

M Laporte, scientist, gerontologist and founder of GERnetic, and his team worked on this formula for 7 years and it has been used in the UK since 1983 with great success. It is widely known that when a woman has a personal problem it affects her bust. He says that the majority of bust problems stem from a woman's lifestyle, be it a nutrition or hormone imbalance, stress or poor general health. By introducing specific nutrients through the skin (known as percutaneous absorption) this can re-balance the endocrine system and consequently help improve the bust.

At the Marguerite Thorpe Health & Beauty Centre we achieve amazing results, managed easily and inexpensively by MACRO 2000 alongside Seino and Endo. We have also found that when used in conjunction with acne or cellulite treatments a quicker and lasting result is achieved. Similarly, women with PMT and menopausal problems are finding relief by using MACRO 2000 two weeks before their period.