In order to make you even more beautiful and help your skin regain its radiance, Gernetic is always at the forefront of new technologies. It is Gernetic's purpose to create appropriate skin care for each customer, achieving harmony between your personality and femininity.

Gernetic's research enables it to evolve on a daily basis and provide a specific solution to your expectations. Welcome to the field of health and beauty, where each product is a condensate of skin care benefits and pleasurable use.

Derived from the cellular biology research of Gernetic International, Gernetic beauty care products are made of plants, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, proteins and noble oils, the 100% natural principles of which guarantee optimal results without risk of allergy.

Gernetic International offers a wide range of beauty products for the face, hands and body.

Whatever your demands, you will find THE suitable skin care product in the Gernetic line: a genuine cocktail of health for the ultimate enjoyment of your beauty.


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"Welcome to a world of education, health, beauty, advanced technology and pleasure" Albert Laporte, Creator, GERnétic
GERnétic was born out of a vision to combine natural ingredients with the miracles of science to help skin regain its radiance. With a wealth of experience built up over thirty years, GERnétic offers a wide range of beauty products for the face, bust and body. It is a specialist range well known in 52 countries for innovating top quality products. GERnétic is very individual because its creams are specifically designed to work on different parts of the body to produce powerful and lasting results.
GERnétic combines carefully picked ingredients, informed by years of dedicated cellular biology research. GERnétic uses the finest ingredients to get the richest results. The raw materials used in the powerful skincare range have been clinically tested and consistently provide optimal results.
The GERnétic range is produced in a chateau in the beautiful South of France in ecological surroundings. Based on the renowned principles of cellular therapy using amino acids, vitamins, oligo elements and plant and marine extracts, GERnétic products incorporate powerful and effective 100% natural ingredients to prevent and improve a wide range of health and beauty conditions. GERnétic products combine potent, specialised ingredients to prevent the onset of skin conditions and tackle existing problem areas. The appearance of your skin may be influenced by nature, but it's defined by how you nurture and care for it.
In keeping with today's holistic approach, that there is no beauty without good health, GERnétic has maintained its prestigious reputation for top quality products and nutritional and lifestyle advice to its clients alongside their beauty treatments.
Our 100% natural philosophy ensures your skin's inner beauty is gently ushered out - without risk of allergy. GERnétic therapy harnesses the power of nature and science to create ground-breaking formulations that genuinely transform your skin.
GERnétic is known as "problem solver extraordinaire".

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