Body Products

Maintaining a beautiful body and regaining the curves and firmness of a toned body requires a healthy life style. In the majority of cases the restructuring of your figure means dealing with various causes that have to be identified, taking account of individual needs. The GERNETIC body range treats the different effects with various products perfectly adapted to each individual need to help you rediscover a younger and slimmer figure.

Lympho 200ml

 28.80  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

Vasco Artera

 73.50  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

Anti - Stries 125ml

 48.00  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

Adipo Gasta

 73.50  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)


 70.00  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

Body Milk Lotion 200ml

 35.60  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

Vital Transfer Body 150ml

 73.50  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

Massage Oil 200ml

 41.90  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)

Foot Cream 50ml Special Offer

 16.00  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)


Veinulo "Special" Plus 20ml

 57.00  each  (inc. VAT at 20%)